What is Happyness

That determine how long you want to live, your happiness is very important to your overall health. Starting in the morning before you get out of bed you have to Mentally look at your new day and say to your self “this day is going to be the day” be positive forget the negatively from yesterday start whit a clean slate.

Think what you can do to make a difference for another person that are worse off than you  and believe me, there are people out there that do not know to live a normal lifestyle. They are in the Rot and can not see the forest for trees. Saying morning to a stranger could change their whole day from just good to great. Helping out somebody that got them self in trouble with the Law, caring a shopping bag for somebody out to they car, lend a hand with a table when you are out eating at a restaurant when you is finished your meal. The waitress are people like you and I.

Author: gizmo4me66@gmail.com

Born somewhere in Danmark after the second War, 1944 was the year one of the best. I was left on the Church step somebody told me later not sure if I did care. Spend many days playing in the snow like most kids did in that ages. My schooling was normal education but when I reached 15 I lost interest. My schooling got replaced with an apprenticeship that lasted 4 years. Army training was my next stop what I did like. After that, it was back to make furniture, with a trade that was not a money spinner I decided to Emigrate to New Zeland.

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