Food Supplement.

For 20 years, there has been a Whole Food Supplement making a difference in bridging the gap with what we eat & what we need. It’s called Juice Plus, and it’s promoted by over 10,000 health care professionals & 14+ Gold standard published studies that prove what it does in the body. It’s also taken by 3 Olympic Teams, the Austrians, Germans, & the Swiss. Please take a look at this product if you want to add the nutrition of 25 F&V in a very convenient way. Each capsule has 1 serving. I take 2 caps in the morning, with my food because it has live enzymes that help digest my food, 2 caps with lunch, & 2 caps with dinner. So I get an extra 6 servings of F&V for $2.25 a day! I’m still working hard every day to get the other 3-6 servings to get to a level for protection against all diseases. If you wanna see the 3rd party clinical research done by Universities around the world, Please go to…


Born somewhere in Danmark after the second War, 1944 was the year one of the best. I was left on the Church step somebody told me later not sure if I did care. Spend many days playing in the snow like most kids did in that ages. My schooling was normal education but when I reached 15 I lost interest. My schooling got replaced with an apprenticeship that lasted 4 years. Army training was my next stop what I did like. After that, it was back to make furniture, with a trade that was not a money spinner I decided to Emigrate to New Zeland.

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