Back in the history people  died  a much younger age due to hard labor or poor health. Today Pharmaceutical keeps us alive  too long, we are eating too many pills that are slowly killing us the wrong way, when organs stop working properly to produce to much we take pills for it, many pills today have fillers to hold them together and we are getting too much.

Cremation was invented back in the Stone Age where it became the most common method of disposing of bodies. Cemeteries are overfilled with people and more people die and there is no place to bury them soon, cemeteries are a wasteland that can not bee used for anything else. Maybee we could forget religion and start thinking  about the future of the wasteland. Looking at Cremation compared to burial is a better investments in the long run, no headstone just some flowers and no looking after what could make life easy for the remaining family.


Born somewhere in Danmark after the second War, 1944 was the year one of the best. I was left on the Church step somebody told me later not sure if I did care. Spend many days playing in the snow like most kids did in that ages. My schooling was normal education but when I reached 15 I lost interest. My schooling got replaced with an apprenticeship that lasted 4 years. Army training was my next stop what I did like. After that, it was back to make furniture, with a trade that was not a money spinner I decided to Emigrate to New Zeland.

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