Correction Center 5.

Some inmates make friends fast another take longer time to gel, the ones that make friends fast are the one that needs a friend for protection or for company further on all depends on off they sentence in here and need “as they say in here use the system or go and hang yourself there are two ways about it”.
If you are on the receiving end of it be smart ‘we are not all built like a shit brick house, so you take advantage of the situation and talk to a person for protection if that is needed and negotiate a prize that suits that purpose. Sometimes that negotiating is not working out and you have to find another person for that job. In the meantime, you try to make yourself buglarinvisible and not to provoke any confrontations to often.
It looks like the ones with the longest sentences are the on that are most nasty and devious in nature and it shows in their attitude to everything they do or touch, they sounds like cages animals and take it out on inmate they can get hold on and put them in grave danger to be taken to the Infirmary for broken arms and another injury.
Life in here is a Correction of people that can not fit into a normal lifestyle outside and need to be corrected in a way so they can go back into a lifestyle that fit in whit the rest, but it looks like it could take longer for some to take control over the life they live and the life they could be living , because they are back soon after they have been released, and they are the hardcore of people in here that makes it difficult for others that just like to be left alone.
Months go by and you are looking forward to your release that can not come too soon, the weekend is a highlight for family to com and see how you are doing and tell you all about the life that did not stand still because you had to do time inside. Families fall apart because of this and life is more difficult for a solo mother or father to look after the kids, and they look for comfort or help what in many situations turn into another disaster and missery.
For some people whit a sentense on they record it can be very hard to go back into the community because they feel onsafe or insecure about life and what people think about them and to make matters wors you got mates that like to involve you in som shady business when you get out.


Born somewhere in Danmark after the second War, 1944 was the year one of the best. I was left on the Church step somebody told me later not sure if I did care. Spend many days playing in the snow like most kids did in that ages. My schooling was normal education but when I reached 15 I lost interest. My schooling got replaced with an apprenticeship that lasted 4 years. Army training was my next stop what I did like. After that, it was back to make furniture, with a trade that was not a money spinner I decided to Emigrate to New Zeland.

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