#PC /Staphylococcal.

The keyboard on your smartphone hides much unpleasant demise that in time will make you sick especial in the winter month. I am not talking about washing it under a running tap, but with a new Phone like Samsung or other Phones, it is possible to do.
It is more difficult with a PC and many people like to eat at the same time they do homework what is very bad for your health and for your PC.
To avoid making you sick, clean your PC ones a month with a soft cloth with a small amount of Window cleaner, if you own a small portable dust buster use that first.
Been into one of those Gaming places for a little splash out in a hope of gaining some money back, have you ever seen anybody clean them ever, so my advice would be lay off the machines especial in the winter time.
Internet Cafes has the higher count of Bacteria off them all. Staphylococcus and Pathogenic are rampant.

#SSD or not.

Is it the money well spend.
Having and old computer is not fun to deal with when I’m saying old we are talking about a few years from when you got the computer.
There are many things to consider first before you go out and spend all your hard earned money on something that may not be going to help you out a great deal. They are slow computers and there are the real slow ones and I’m sure you know what you got and that’s why you are upgrading.
SSD, solid state hard drive is what they are called, they don’t move like the old hard drive and could last longer too. There are a few different Models out there to look at before you decide what could bee the best deal for you.
You may have a big hard drive on your computer what is nearly full of info and pictures and that is normal, therefore you either need a big SSD drive or you could use an external hard drive for your pictures that take up a lot of room on a hard drive, or maybe you got two hard drives on your computer.
You also have to take into considerations regarding your BIOS, bios are the part that talks to all the parties on your hard drive, if that is out of date you need to install a new one to cope with a new system maybe.

The why stage.?

Kid’s in a certain age can drive every parent’s up the wall “the why stage” it’s called.
They ask a lot of questions to satisfy a little brain that constantly develop.
Parent’s feel a lack of confidence in them self’s and what they have been told or read up about. Kid’s are very shrewd and know when constant discipline are not been implemented and fight back to live you struggling with your idea.
Some parents have strange outlook about bringing up children, but to get somewhere an agreement has to be sat in place before Rules are sorted out.
Things don’t get better when the kids get to be Teen’s, but if you can teach them right from wrong you have not failed totally.
Parent’s are not born to be perfect it takes blood sweat and lot’s of trying to develop that skill, sadly many don’t even get close to achieving that, other’s fail because they are too young to be parents.
“too young to be married too young to bee free, they are going to have a baby”5737942137_bf451b6807_m

Holiday as it should bee.

Holiday as it should bee.
When I was a kid, Holiday’s was something you looked forward to especially when you lived in the City what I did, no grass or place to play in.
I was one of the lucky one’s that was able to go to a place where there were farming and animals to play with, many of my friends have newer seen a cow or a pig or even know how to feed them, as I said I was one of the lucky ones that over the years had been in contact with many farm animals at the farm where I spend many of my holiday’s.
My grandparent’s had an old house next to the blacksmith that made horseshoes and thing for the farmers .Many mornings’s I woke up to hear the horses coming into the yard where they stood to the blacksmith had made the shoes for them and it was time to put them on, and that was amazing to see how he could fit them onto the curve of the horse’s without been kicked.
I was always short of money, they newer seem to last long, so I got a paper run what would tie me over for some time. Another little job I had was working at the local grocery shop in town pumping gas, that was a novelty in those day’s and when I’m saying pumping I mean pumping it was the only way to get gas into the car’s and it was hard work.In those days you got the whole shopping done at the same place and paid when you left at the counter in cash.
I feel sorry for so many kids’ today that doesn’t know how to play outside, sitting inside playing with electric gadget does not teach them how to get close to nature

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