About 2.3 million New Zealanders currently have access to fluoridated water. Fluoride occurs naturally in water supplies, but New Zealand levels are generally low compared to other countries, meaning additional fluoridation is needed to generate optimum health results.
Fluoride was added to the water supply in 1963 and removed in 1990 a nonbinding referendum in 1992 resulted in the decision not to reintroduce it, was that because it did not help or any other reason.
In 2013, more than 40 percent of all 5 years old and more than 60 per cent of Maori and Pacific 5-year-old had already experienced tooth decade I am sure it was not because of no Tennesee 005fluoridation in the water The Pacific more like to much sugar in the drink and food we eat.
In 2013/14 New Zealand Health Survey ( what I do not think is correct who like to take Survey about health) found that 35.000 children between 1 and 4 years had had a tooth extracted in the last 12 month due to decay and Maori children were 1.6 more times likely to have a tooth extracted than non-Maori, it looks like to me that most the Maori live a very onhealthy lifestyle compared to non-Maori and that goes for the Pacific Islanders to.
And now it is up to the Health board to make the call.Talk about parsing the can of worms good on you MPs you earned your big salary.
Water in New Zealand was pristine but that is not the case anymore, we spoil it for our self and are still doing it. Runoff from Factories farms and other places makes the water on drinkable.

My house my castle.

My house my castle
The place you live in is yours to look after.
Renters are no different you treat it just as it was yours. There are many renters out there that just live from day to day no care in the World how the place look like. “it is not yours so why to care about it.”
.” if the lawn is not cut, the garbidge is sitting in the kitchen two feet deep, the window that is broken due to a bottle you accidently mistook for the floor.
Your driveway looks like an EathQuake that happens for some time ago, garbidge bike and waste makes op an obstacle course that you have to go truly every time you have to park your car
You pay rent so, therefore, you expect the place to bee top of the market, and I am sure it was the time you moved in ” most places are some are not”.
As things go wrong ” the window” the garbidge in the kitchen because of the last two parties you had, you are starting to relax and forgetting the thing that needs to get done. Dirty socks make the place smell like an offel pit, sure you get some air coming in from the broken window, but that does not clean the air remember the garbidge from the kitchen that is sending a wave of dead animal smell true the whole house “Castle” of yours.
To sort this small problem out make a plan what to do and follow it. Get to know your landlord do a few repair job you know you can do, that way he knows you are looking after the place and can trust you, you will not see him for some time what I am sure is better for you in the long run.


Daily Prompt: Stubborn


It was early morning and we needed to bee out the door in a specific time to make it to the Train station. Not many days we manage to do that, but today it was very special for us, when I say us I mean my little one and I.

Kids in a certain age can drive you up the wall at the best of time and this morning was one of them. It started off with a late night visit to the Hospital due to a sprained ankle my daughter received in kindergarten the day before and had coursed her a lot off grief doing the day.

I start early every day to be able to manage our day, that mean breakfast is a trail for the rest of the day, a stubborn kid does not go well and an ankle that hurt   make it even worse.for our start .

We manage to get to that special meeting, after all.


First Jail time.

Been in a Correction Center with lots of other strange looking people is very intimidating for any person that is a first offender of any crime,” you don’t have to be a murder to be in a place like a Correction Center, just a jonky can end up in there”. The look you get when you first step inside that place is scary from inmates that look at you as a future investment that’s the way the system works in here, they are all looking for a friend to use for they own survival as long as possible.
To bee alone is a terrible thing that can torture your brain and telling you that you are no good and that again can make things worse because you need that comfort to be able to survive this, you need that contact or feeling that you belong or somebody really care for you, but who can you trust in here we are all criminals. Who take the first step or eye contact.
The Correction Officer take you into a room where you have to shower and get other clothes so you look like the rest, we then go to the Center and it looks like a beehive where the inmates have been put into small cubical’s with bunks and a little space for your belonging. The first optical is where can I sleep and you have to negotiate and plead to get a place to call yours to lay your head down for the next many Month.
The first day is like a nightmare and things do not get any better, for breakfast you need to find a place to sit and eat and that part are more difficult than flying to the Moon, wherever you try to sit the seat is taken for som unknown reason, finally some person let you have a seat next to them and you gratefully accept the offer, I look at my trade of what is called breakfast and regretted I even got it, some foul smelling Oatmeal and a piece bread that looks like it has been attacked by a maggot and some funny looking butter that have the resemblance with an old cheese. My stomach turn over and I feel I have to be sick but luckily it stay down. I stand up and get told by a guard to sit again. To my surprise, everybody is eating peacefully this stuff they call breakfast.
After that first experience what was called breakfast the group are sorted out into working parties that have to join the rest of workers in different places to be rehabilitated, or more like it working for peanuts to make pocket money. One group go to the kitchen where jobs are sorted out and because you are the last in you get the worst job from that day and forth to you move up in the ranks of ass kissing inmate,” you look after my back and I am looking after yours”. Other groups are places where they are needed, the Laundry that is a busy place takes many more and here again you need to work your way up the latter of inmate that like to lean on you just to show you whom the is boss, that is the system in here and try to change it “I say good luck with that”
People in here are entrepreneurs in any way you can think off, contraband is a commodity and highly profitable for those who have and costly for those who haven’t. I owe you is common used and can all so be used as a thread or payment for a favor you got early on.
Days are very long in here people get restless and the feeling of not been able to see family or friends is starting to take its toll, you start to explore who could be a friend and forget where you are for a minute, but get a rude awakening by somebody that gets a beaten for not paying back on time because that’s the system in here.
In a place like this you always get people that are a bit weird and spaced out like they are on steroids talking to them selfs all day long and yes here are people that think they are good and don’t understand why there are here and let everybody know why, of course, we all got different idea about what you can and can not do in reality, but that is not in their vocabulary either.
Sleeping amongst strange people is not a thing I would recommend by a long shot, and sleeping together with criminals my self-included is a long shot for my liking. No one here are locked up so people tend to wander around in the night and looking for stuff, what kind of stuff I am not sure and nobody talks so you start to guessing what they are looking for, and that again makes your sleep very short, and suddenly it is time to get up and face another long day.
I am making my way into the washing facilities and find my self-standing in a row of half naked people waiting for my turn and to my surprise I find out the hot water is running out fast, when I finally get to the shower the water is cold, another lesson for me to learn “get here first next time” after a fast cold wash I get back to my bunk freezing all over and a lot of dirty looks from those who had hot water. Another day and one more lesson my way.
Breakfast is a repeat from yesterday, no better or worse I get a chair and I just sit there in my own little world totally lost, how am I going to get true this, the bed socks the shower socks the food is no better. No point been Phil Sof cult about it, life just sock and I deserve to be here but does it have to be like this all the time.
Suddenly I hear a voice saying ” what are you in here for ” I nearly jump out of my skin not expecting this and look to my left, I confront the person next to me and explain why I am here in a few words, and gets his version of the crime he did. He only took somebody else’s money and ran off whit it, but got court few days after trying again somewhere different, most be his lucky day. Life can be difficult if you like to be on the wrong side of the Law, it doesn’t get any better if you don’t learn from your mistake so you don’t get court again.
He then tells me where he comes from and I do the same out of courtesy. We finish the slimy Oatmeal and dump the rest in the food bin provided for trash, and make our different ways back to a designated place for work. Suddenly I get an all bow in my ribcage and a stern voice tells me I need to hurry up because something is going to happen very soon at this place where I am standing. Out of the blue two inmates confronts each other and a dirty fight starts taking place, kicking and pulling hair is the main target and soon blood is flowing from the two contenders faces. I whisper to the person next to me what the reason for the fight is all about, and get told to main my own business.
Things like fight go on constantly from disgruntled individual parties around the Correction Center all day long due to short fuses and power struggle, or simply for something to do if you are not a full box of chocolate and there a few of them around in here. Life inside is not always bad there are few things you can do to refresh your brain with, there is a library where you can spend time if you are that inclined and there is the meeting place where you can join in and comment about the State of the establishment in general, not sure if it helps.
This place got their fair share of Ethnic groups that a more wholetail than others and are very hostile when it com to tutorial rights and spend most of they time telling other inmates where to go and that can course a huge amount of anger, it is bad for everybody in here.
When you look like a nerd in a place like this you have a very good chance that somebody don’t like your looks and start to pick on you for the same reason, words get said you get knocked around and it doesn’t matter how bad people are there will always bee somebody that take your side but it com whit a hefty price that most be paid in full for it to work.
Some inmates make friends fast another take longer time to gel, the ones that make friends fast are the one that needs a friend for protection or for company further on all depends on off they sentence in here and need “as they say in here use the system or go and hang yourself there are two ways about it”.
If you are on the receiving end of it be smart, ve are not all built like a shit brick house, so you take advantage of the situation and talk to a person for protection if that is needed and negotiate a prize that suits that purpose. Sometimes that negotiating is not working out and you have to find another person for that job. In the meantime, you try to make your self-invisible and not to provoke any confrontations to often.
It looks like the ones with the longest sentences are the on that are most nasty and devious in nature and it shows in their attitude to everything they do or touch, they sounds like cages animals and take it out on inmate they can get hold on and put them in grave danger to be taken to the Infirmary for broken arms and another injury.
Life in here is a Correction of people that can not fit into a normal lifestyle outside and need to be corrected in a way so they can go back into a lifestyle that fit in whit the rest, but it looks like it could take longer for some to take control over the life they live and the life they could be living , because they are back soon after they have been released, and they are the hardcore of people in here that makes it difficult for others that just like to be left alone.
Months go by and you are looking forward to your release that can not come too soon, the weekend is a highlight for family to com and see how you are doing and tell you all about the life that did not stand still because you had to do time inside. Families fall apart because of this and life is more difficult for a solo mother or father to look after the kids, and they look for comfort or help what in many situations turn into another disaster and misery.
For some people whit a sentence on they record it can be very hard to go back into the community because they feel unsafe or insecure about life and what people think about them and to make matters worse you got mates that like to involve you in som shady business when you get out.