Food Supplement.

For 20 years, there has been a Whole Food Supplement making a difference in bridging the gap with what we eat & what we need. It’s called Juice Plus, and it’s promoted by over 10,000 health care professionals & 14+ Gold standard published studies that prove what it does in the body. It’s also taken by 3 Olympic Teams, the Austrians, Germans, & the Swiss. Please take a look at this product if you want to add the nutrition of 25 F&V in a very convenient way. Each capsule has 1 serving. I take 2 caps in the morning, with my food because it has live enzymes that help digest my food, 2 caps with lunch, & 2 caps with dinner. So I get an extra 6 servings of F&V for $2.25 a day! I’m still working hard every day to get the other 3-6 servings to get to a level for protection against all diseases. If you wanna see the 3rd party clinical research done by Universities around the world, Please go to…

Is your Keyboard on your PC making you ill.

Newer cleaned the keyboard on the laptop, tablet or phone, the one you share food and water with.

Been into an  Internet Cafe and used on of the computers there because you had to I bet they newer cleaned the computer before you use it. Internet cafe’s have high counters of Bacteria in the World.

Keyboard’s are all full of bacteria we use daily, the phone is a prime example you lend it to a mate there was ill (he did not tell you about it) few days after you got ill and could not find any reason for the illness

You can get staphylococcus from your phone.



What is Happyness

That determine how long you want to live, your happiness is very important to your overall health. Starting in the morning before you get out of bed you have to Mentally look at your new day and say to your self “this day is going to be the day” be positive forget the negatively from yesterday start whit a clean slate.

Think what you can do to make a difference for another person that are worse off than you  and believe me, there are people out there that do not know to live a normal lifestyle. They are in the Rot and can not see the forest for trees. Saying morning to a stranger could change their whole day from just good to great. Helping out somebody that got them self in trouble with the Law, caring a shopping bag for somebody out to they car, lend a hand with a table when you are out eating at a restaurant when you is finished your meal. The waitress are people like you and I.

Why do we gamble

The Greek had their hands in the game, a Dice was  found and dated back to 40.000years.

The Chinese have always been gamblers what go back yo 2300 BC

The Roman was famously for gambling as well. People were gambling with their livelihood back in the Wild West  when gold was panned. Riverboat sprung up with Casino on board.

Walking into a Casino from the (strip) in Las Vegas was like a fairy tall. The first thing you notice the light is dimly and no clock on any wall, time is not important here. The sound of the place are amazing light and bells that go off when somebody win. I walk around to I see an empty chair with a table where the game is about to start. The dealer give somebody a change to (cut) the deck and start dealing out the cards to the people that are sitting  around the table. I win the first round with 21 the dealer loose.

Eating Disorder

Binge Eating disorder.
Bing eating disorder affects about 1.6% of women and 0.8% of men in a given year.
Doing they entire life up to 2% of women have binge eating disorder typical they begin in late childhood.

We only need 1.500 Calories a day to live a normal life, depending on what kind of job you have.
When we get older and more sedated in our life, we should eat even less again.
Remember sitting around and doing nothing does nothing for you.
If you are sitting for more than an hour get up to stretch that will help you for  not getting sore muscles or joint

The day I got my first Tattoo

The idea was not something I did take  lightly because it was permanently there for everybody to see for the rest of my life. I made a sketch of what I did like to have don, made my way down to the Tattoo Shop where there were all kinds of people waiting. I did show the drawing of my choice to the Artist and agreed on a prize.

When you enter a Tattoo Shop and see what other people are having don in a way of different Tattoos it is plain to see the average Tattoo is very similar  stock pictures. I needed one whit some history behind it to make sense otherwise. why doing it.

Tattooing is an Art and the people that create amazing pictures love what they are doing it is a passion for them. You need many hours training to do what they can.

Can people really become addicted to tattoos.

Can people really become addicted to tattoos? That depends on how you define ‘addiction’. In a strict medical sense, what we commonly call a ‘tattoo addiction’ may actually be more of a passion. If, however, we broaden our view of what constitutes an addiction, then there are several factors that could contribute to a tattooing addiction.
Most tattoo enthusiasts view tattooing as a way to express themselves. Some individuals, however, have difficulty with writing and speaking, and so expressing their identity through a visual medium becomes an important part of their vocabulary. For them, tattoos may be the only way that they feel comfortable showing the world who they really are.
This form of body modification is often recognized as an art form with the tattoo recipient as the artist, even if a professional drew the actual tat. Sculptors, painters and other artists have been known to show signs of addiction to their art forms, so it isn’t surprising that tattoo artists may also do so.
All of these factors can certainly mimic an addiction, but we must consider the ramifications of a true addiction. The individual feels compelled to engage in the behavior, neglects regular, necessary aspects of daily life like work, family or even health. In these regard, passion for tattooing diverges from more conventional addictions.

Informative stuff about people

Most people in this World live day to day not knowing much about their health to they get ill suddenly. Some just go about it like nothing is the matter it just hurt a bit, others get concern and maybe a doctor’s visit could be in order. A visit to a GP is not cheap, but we all know we get some pills and get told it will be ok soon what is not going to happen. The food many people eat today is full of chemicals and our body can not take it, even the tap water we drink is contaminated white all sort of crap because the best place to get rid of pills is  down the drain or toilets. But you can do something about it pay a little more for better food and look after your health nobody else care.