Social media

You are off for a holiday for a Months and you just had to update all your social media accounts to announce to the entire world. Guess what? You also just made your travel plans available to possible burglars – you never know who’s reading your posts. Brag all you want, but only after you come back.You spent a fortune installing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and locks at the front door, only to leave the back entrance as an easy access to your house when you are gone Just because you use the front door more often doesn’t mean the burglar shares the same interest.buglar

Home invasion

If somebody broke into your home would you just do nothing or try to defend your and your family. I know what I would do but can you get prosecuted for killing the intruder with your bare hands. If the Law can not stop domestic violence how can they stop you from defending your home from invasion. Try to cal the cops and you get put on hold and in the meantime your girlfriend get raped and you get beaten senseless. Prevention is a great word stay cool grab something that will not break.
A guy court a burglar in his home toke him outside and decked him one, the burglar ran off, another guy got attacked and flat end the intruder with a piece of wood.
Our society of criminals outlaws and misfit are not getting the attention they deserve of the cops due to much red tape and paper work. So do not hold your hope to high when you call for help, the cops are too busy to track down P-labs there just happen to bee there or the green stuff5737346401_1beb45f0ce_o