Holiday as it should bee.
When I was a kid Holiday’s was something you looked forward to especially when you lived in the City like I did, no grass or places to play.
I was one of the lucky one’s that was able to go to a place where there was farming and lot’s of animals to look and play with if you weren’t scared of them, many of my friend’s have newer seen a cow or a pig or even know how to feed them, as I said I was one of the lucky ones that over the years had been in contact with many farm animals at the farm where I spend many of my holiday’s.
My grandparent’s had an old house next to the blacksmith that made horseshoes and other thing for the farmer’s , many morning’ I woke up to hear the horses coming into the yard where they stood to the blacksmith had made the shoes for them and it was time to put them on, and that was amazing to see how he could fit them onto the huff2012-03-17 11.46.32 of the horse’s without been kicked.
I was always short of money, they newer seem to last long, so I got myself and a friend a paper run what would tie me over for some time, another little job I had was working for the local grocery shop only one in town. Pumping gas was a novelty in those day’s and when I saying pumping I mean pumping it was the only way to get gas into the car’s and it was hard work, it was the only way you got the whole shopping done at the same place and paid when you left at the counter in cash.
I feel sorry for so many kid’s today that doesn’t know how to play outside, it all have to bee sitting inside playing with electric gadget that does not teach them how to get close to the nature

Need or greed

I am sitting on my Harley Davidson in the middle of South Dacota looking at a herd of bisons and some calfs jumping around between eating grass it’s an amazing site and also s very sad too because you know what toke place here for many years ago, many of those majestic animals got slaughter for their fur or meat to feed the soldiers or was it just greed that toke over those fur traders.
And that brings me to the subject of greed and power. We all got a devil inside us that some times com’s out to show what we are capable of to get what we want and not a need what is two different things.
Want’s is a greed and been selfish to the core and that will not do you any good any time soon because you have to do something that could bring you out of control and your comfort zone for a long time.
Need on the other hand can bee important to your health and wellbeing very often we confuse our self with want’s instead off need’s. am sure the fur traders back then did kill the bison’s for greed.
That was my rant for today.
Later on I drove further into the wasteland to bee welcomed by Prarie dogs that did their morning cleaning in the borrow’s, and yes I did see the sign that did say do not feed them what I can understand is very important to keep them self-existent in there own happiest6829386118_d74392ac6a_m of getting food them self, but saying that it was very difficult not to do, because of the funny and cute way they live.

Fluoridation/Sugar Tax

About 2.3 million New Zealanders currently have access to fluoridated water. Fluoride occurs naturally in water supplies, but New Zealand levels are generally low compared to other countries, meaning additional fluoridation is needed to generate optimum health results.
Fluoride was added to the water supply in 1963 and removed in 1990 a nonbinding referendum in 1992 resulted in the decision not to reintroduce it, was that because it did not help or any other reason.
In 2013, more than 40 percent of all 5 years old and more than 60 percent of Maori and Pacific 5-year-old had already experienced tooth decade I am sure it was not because of nonfluoridation in the water The Pacific more like to much sugar in the drink and food we eat.
In 2013/14 New Zealand Health Survey ( what I do not think is correct who like to take Surveys about health) found that 35.000 children between 1 and 4 years had had a tooth extracted in the last 12 months due to decay and Maori children were 1.6 more times likely to have a tooth extracted than non-Maori, it looks like to me that most the Maori live a very unhealthy lifestyle compared to non Maori and that goes for the Pacific Islanders to
And now it is up to the Health board to make the call.Talk about parsing the can of worms good on you MPs you earned your big salary.
Sugar is very addictive5737939113_2d5bb2f02b_m.


Parent’s are not born to bee perfect it takes time to develop that skill, and many parent’s don’t make the cut because they newer got any help from home when it was needed. this is a quote from a song( To young to get married to young to be free they are going to have a baby).
Bringing up kids is not an easy task kids are very shrewd and know when consistent discipline are not in place and fight back to leave you struggling with your idea how to get around them. Some parent’s got different idea about bringing them up, relating back to their own upbringing it can be rather difficult sometimes to mix to kind of childhoods together to get the right combination that fit
Sorry to say this but you can not give them back and things get even more scary when the kids get to be teens. But if you can teach your kids what is right and wrong before they get to the state where common sense is not in their5737942137_bf451b6807_m vocabulary you have don a good job


Rules discipline and punishment go hand in hand with caring and guiding in a normal society of kids today. Newer the less there are rules sat in place by people that are not helping bring up kids in a normal way because the kids now got a tool there can use to get back on the parents or quardians with. Newer argue with a child they love it.
If you don’t get told what you are doing wrong how do you know the different, kids are the same they need to know from a young age. Set rules and newer punish a child in anger tell them why they get punised and hopefully after some time it will change for the better.
I found a Law from 1961 regarding parents control just comon sense really.
Every parent of a child and every person in the place of a parent of the child is justified in using force if the force used is reasonable in the circumstances and is for the purpose of—
preventing or minimising harm to the child or another person; or
preventing the child from engaging or continuing to engage in conduct that amounts to a criminal offence; or preventing the child from engaging or continuing to engage in offensive or disruptive behaviour; or performing the normal daily tasks that are incidental to good care and parenting. Nothing in subsection (1) or in any rule of common law justifies the use of force for the purpose of correction.
To avoid doubt, it is affirmed that the Police have the discretion not to prosecute complaints against a parent of a child or person in the place of a parent of a child in relation to an offence involving the use of force against a child, where the offence is considered to be so inconsequential that there is no public interest in proceeding with a prosecution.
This to me make sense we bring the kids up to be responsebell zitizens and they strive on it but The Government did change it in 2005 by the Green Party and now the parents get acused wrongly, stories been made up to get back at parents. Falls claims are been used by some kids, neighbours have doped neighbours in a really mess that could have been sorted before it got made into Law.Good on you Greenie the grass is not allways better on the other side at the fence.

Social media

You are off for a holiday for a Months and you just had to update all your social media accounts to announce to the entire world. Guess what? You also just made your travel plans available to possible burglars – you never know who’s reading your posts. Brag all you want, but only after you come back.You spent a fortune installing the latest state-of-the-art equipment and locks at the front door, only to leave the back entrance as an easy access to your house when you are gone Just because you use the front door more often doesn’t mean the burglar shares the same interest.buglar

Home invasion

If somebody broke into your home would you just do nothing or try to defend your and your family. I know what I would do but can you get prosecuted for killing the intruder with your bare hands. If the Law can not stop domestic violence how can they stop you from defending your home from invasion. Try to cal the cops and you get put on hold and in the meantime your girlfriend get raped and you get beaten senseless. Prevention is a great word stay cool grab something that will not break.
A guy court a burglar in his home toke him outside and decked him one, the burglar ran off, another guy got attacked and flat end the intruder with a piece of wood.
Our society of criminals outlaws and misfit are not getting the attention they deserve of the cops due to much red tape and paper work. So do not hold your hope to high when you call for help, the cops are too busy to track down P-labs there just happen to bee there or the green stuff5737346401_1beb45f0ce_o

Eye for an eye.

Any family knows they got a rotten egg amongst them, it will crack one day and it is something that newer get spoken about, but everybody knows about it.
In small Communities where families are very close knit and therefore talking about it could land you or your close friends into deep trouble very fast and that fear is stopping the criminals for been court. “does that not make those people into accessory to murder as well”.
Should name suppression bee used to cover those people too when they already know this would happen. It looks like The Court are looking the wrong way or not looking at all.
For many years ago when the Court was represented by the people for the people there was less crime, punishment was dealt with and no jail term was handed down, no criminals is6829386118_d74392ac6a_m looked after by the people .
And eye for an eye was the term that was used, and you would think twice before you did anything silly like a murder, because your own life would end soon after.

Black is Black

5737935345_809ffdca3a_mMy neighbour just split-up for some reason very nice people nothing to do whit Domestic violence, just can not live together anymore.
Today I did see their little girl only 4 years old standing in the driveway looking utterly lost just pondering .
Is this breakup going to affect her in her ability later in life to choose what is right. splitting up is not always the right thing to do when you have children between you. To death do us apart sounds like and old cliche when things go Sauer and that is forgotten.
is it not better to try to work things out if possible, but sometimes that opportunity to solve is too late, forget about Counseling they only hear what’s been told to them to do, believe I have been true The Court system, to them it is only black and white.

First impression last

When you are just a small child, I am sure somebody asked you what you wanted to be when you got older, not many children had an idea what they like to be. Somewhere between 2 and later your brain start reflects what’s going on around you. Boys would have some idea, girls have differents idea about their future.
What we see when we are young affect our future in a great deal. What I am getting at, too much of a bad thing create bad things.5738495530_68494fd080