Eye for an eye.

Any family knows they got a rotten egg amongst them, it will crack one day and it is something that newer get spoken about, but everybody knows about it.
In small Communities where families are very close knit and therefore talking about it could land you or your close friends into deep trouble very fast and that fear is stopping the criminals for been court. “does that not make those people into accessory to murder as well”.
Should name suppression bee used to cover those people too when they already know this would happen. It looks like The Court are looking the wrong way or not looking at all.
For many years ago when the Court was represented by the people for the people there was less crime, punishment was dealt with and no jail term was handed down, no criminals is6829386118_d74392ac6a_m looked after by the people .
And eye for an eye was the term that was used, and you would think twice before you did anything silly like a murder, because your own life would end soon after.