First impression last.

When you are just a small child, I am sure somebody asked you what you wanted to be when you got older, not many children got an idea what they like to be. Somewhere between 2 years and later, your brain start reflects on what’s going on around you. Boys would have some idea, girls, on the other hand, have differents idea about their future.
What we see in young ages affect our future in a great deal. What I am talking about here, too much of a bad thing create bad things in the brain.
That experience in your childhood or any other unjustly misshaped trauma will be embedded in your memory forever and will manifest your adaptability to think right when certain happens in your life later on. Often we mimic adults behavior what is great, but what happened when that person does something bad, I’m sure a kid would be very impressed or hearing about that event whatever it was good or bad. We are all born with the same brain, but some newer use it for the right reason.
Some people are easy impressed and it doesn’t take much to influence them.
Parents want the best for their kids, but sometimes there is no money for Education because of other more important things have to be paid first.
Kids always find the wrong company when other things go pair shaped, like money for Education. They don’t like to be made fun off, so they skip school and start a bad future in the burglary business to get money for booze or cigaret and because it is easy they do it again.


Holiday as it should bee.
When I was a kid Holiday’s was something you looked forward to especially when you lived in the City like I did, no grass or places to play.
I was one of the lucky one’s that was able to go to a place where there was farming and lot’s of animals to look and play with if you weren’t scared of them, many of my friend’s have newer seen a cow or a pig or even know how to feed them, as I said I was one of the lucky ones that over the years had been in contact with many farm animals at the farm where I spend many of my holiday’s.
My grandparent’s had an old house next to the blacksmith that made horseshoes and other thing for the farmer’s , many morning’ I woke up to hear the horses coming into the yard where they stood to the blacksmith had made the shoes for them and it was time to put them on, and that was amazing to see how he could fit them onto the huff2012-03-17 11.46.32 of the horse’s without been kicked.
I was always short of money, they newer seem to last long, so I got myself and a friend a paper run what would tie me over for some time, another little job I had was working for the local grocery shop only one in town. Pumping gas was a novelty in those day’s and when I saying pumping I mean pumping it was the only way to get gas into the car’s and it was hard work, it was the only way you got the whole shopping done at the same place and paid when you left at the counter in cash.
I feel sorry for so many kid’s today that doesn’t know how to play outside, it all have to bee sitting inside playing with electric gadget that does not teach them how to get close to the nature

Love /Hate

Reporters from all News Papers are trying they best to keep up with all the bad things that happening around in the World today and especially what pictures concern about dead people that have been murdered in all kinds of ways. Reporters get hold of news and we all know bad news is better than good news, they have a sense of wanting to share all the details and pictures that goes with it, you can not watch TV or read a paper its all there for you to see, does it help the person that got brutally violated or beaten it does not.
It looks like it’s all too easy to take persons life and the criminals get away with it ewery time, they get time in jail and they are back out again doing the same thing. Some kids today don’t know what is right or wrong when they see the penalty that got handed down. We got a society of different people that have been brought up wrongly for many years of abuse and violent right true they childhood and now they are in a situation where abuse is the only thing they know how to use to get what they want.
Mentally scared people does not forget in a hurry and find it hard to relate to other people for help because they think they are not words helping they deserve what it coming to them and they stay in the relationship because they know if they live there is no return and there is nowhere to hide so they are stuck between love and hate, love for the guy they knew and hate for what he has become, loving someone that beat you is hard to do when it happening to often for no reason of yours.
Going to a shelter to bee safe is very devasting and if you are a private person that doesn’t need other people to pry into your private life would put any person of how bad your life is or was. Most women are home builders and dam proud of it so living home is another blow to their self-esteem.


We are all born with a brain, what we do with it is up to us Einstein was not any different.
Back in childhood kid’s brain are ready to take it all in and learn from it. But some kid’s got parent’s that could not read or write them self and here is where the problem start’s.
The kid’s start going to school and get homework to do by them self and ask the parent’s for answer’s, but the parent could not help so the kid’s tell the teacher, that is too busy to help either, again they get no answer and become angry. In they frustration the kid’s can do nothing and because there is more than one kid with the same problem they got too much time on their hand and we all know what can happen to kid’s they get bored. They probably haven’t got fed and know dinner is long away, so stealing is the best thing to get food and this go’s on for some time and the parent’s are been kept in the dark to the Cops are at the front door asking for the kid.
Research studies on high-risk youth show that a system in which problematic youth are congregated increases the likelihood that youth will learn negative behaviors from one another, by reinforcing each other’s deviant behaviors
People that got nothing end up been looked after by the Government. when they are been helped they fall into a mental lazy security mood. They daily routine change from been busy to lazy and the whole attitude to the World is like been on cloud nine.
What I don’t understand people that are doing nothing somehow think they can drive not walking around to lazy for walking make other hardworking people’s life into a miserable nightmare, the tax we pay to keep those animals alive for many years to com. Rehabilitation is not and answer for some criminals and short -term jail does not work.

You can not help people that do not think they got a problem

Eating Disorder

Binge Eating disorder.
Bing eating disorder affects about 1.6% of women and 0.8% of men in a given year.
Doing they entire life up to 2% of women have binge eating disorder typical they begin in late childhood.

We only need 1.500 Calories a day to live a normal life, depending on what kind of job you have.
When we get older and more sedated in our life, we should eat even less again.
Remember sitting around and doing nothing does nothing for you.
If you are sitting for more than an hour get up to stretch that will help you for  not getting sore muscles or joint