Correction Center 3

buglar Chapter 3.

Sleeping amongst strange people is not a thing I would recommend by a long shot, and sleeping together with criminals my self-included is a long shot for my liking. No one here are locked up so people tend to wander around in the night and looking for stuff, what kind of stuff I am not sure and nobody talks so you start to guessing what they are looking for, and that again makes your sleep very short, and suddenly it is time to get up and face another long day.
I am making my way into the washing facilities and find my self-standing in a row of half naked people waiting for my turn and to my surprise I find out the hot water is running out fast, when I finally get to the shower the water is cold, another lesson for me to learn “get here first next time” after a fast cold wash I get back to my bunk freezing all over and a lot of dirty looks from those who had hot water. Another day and one more lesson my way.
Breakfast is a repeat from yesterday, no better or worse I get a chair and I just sit there in my own little world totally lost, how am I going to get true this, the bed socks the shower socks the food is no better. No point been Phil Sof cult about it, life just sock and I deserve to be here but does it have to be like this all the time.
Suddenly I hear a voice saying ” what are you in here for ” I nearly jump out of my skin not expecting this and look to my left, I confront the person next to me and explain why I am here in a few words, and gets his version of the crime he did. He only takes somebody else’s money and ran off whit it, but got court few days after trying again somewhere different, most be his lucky day. Life can be difficult if you like to be on the wrong side of the Law, it doesn’t get any better if you don’t learn from your mistake so you don’t get court again.