Correction Center.

A year inside.

Been in a Correction Center with lots of other strange looking people is very intimidating for any person that is a first offender of any crime,” you don’t have to be a murder to be in a place like a Correction Center, just a jonky can end up in there”. The look you get when you first step inside that place is scary from inmates that look at you as a future investment that’s the way the system works in here, they are all looking for a friend to use for they own survival as long as possible.
To bee alone is a terrible thing that can torture your brain and telling you that you are no good and that again can make things worse because you need that comfort to be able to survive this, you need that contact or feeling that you belong or somebody really care for you, but who can you trust in here we are all criminals. Who take the first step or eye contact.
The Correction Officer take you into a room where you have to shower and get other clothes so you look like the rest, we then go into the Center and it looks like a beehive where the inmates have been put into small cubical’s with bunks and a little space for your belonging. The first optical is where can I sleep and you have to negotiate and plead to get a place to call yours to lay your head down for the next many Month.
The first day is like a nightmare and things do not get any better, for breakfast you need to find a place to sit and eat and that part are more difficult than flying to the Moon, wherever you try to sit the seat is taken for som unknown reason, finally some person let you have a seat next to them and you gratefully accept the offer, I look at my trade of what is called breakfast and regretted I even got it, some foul smelling Oat meal and a piece bread that looks like it has been attacked by a maggot and some funny looking butter that have the resemblance with an old cheese. My stomach turn over and I feel I have to be sick but luckily it stay down. I stand up and get told by a guard to sit again. To my surprise, everybody is eating peacefully this stuff they call breakfast.

Home invasion

If somebody broke into your home would you just do nothing or try to defend your and your family. I know what I would do but can you get prosecuted for killing the intruder with your bare hands. If the Law can not stop domestic violence how can they stop you from defending your home from invasion. Try to cal the cops and you get put on hold and in the meantime your girlfriend get raped and you get beaten senseless. Prevention is a great word stay cool grab something that will not break.
A guy court a burglar in his home toke him outside and decked him one, the burglar ran off, another guy got attacked and flat end the intruder with a piece of wood.
Our society of criminals outlaws and misfit are not getting the attention they deserve of the cops due to much red tape and paper work. So do not hold your hope to high when you call for help, the cops are too busy to track down P-labs there just happen to bee there or the green stuff5737346401_1beb45f0ce_o