Why do we gamble

The Greek had their hands in the game, a Dice was  found and dated back to 40.000years.

The Chinese have always been gamblers what go back yo 2300 BC

The Roman was famously for gambling as well. People were gambling with their livelihood back in the Wild West  when gold was panned. Riverboat sprung up with Casino on board.

Walking into a Casino from the (strip) in Las Vegas was like a fairy tall. The first thing you notice the light is dimly and no clock on any wall, time is not important here. The sound of the place are amazing light and bells that go off when somebody win. I walk around to I see an empty chair with a table where the game is about to start. The dealer give somebody a change to (cut) the deck and start dealing out the cards to the people that are sitting  around the table. I win the first round with 21 the dealer loose.