My house my castle.

My house my castle
The place you live in is yours to look after.
Renters are no different you treat it just as it was yours. There are many renters out there that just live from day to day no care in the World how the place look like. “it is not yours so why to care about it.”
.” if the lawn is not cut, the garbidge is sitting in the kitchen two feet deep, the window that is broken due to a bottle you accidently mistook for the floor.
Your driveway looks like an EathQuake that happens for some time ago, garbidge bike and waste makes op an obstacle course that you have to go truly every time you have to park your car
You pay rent so, therefore, you expect the place to bee top of the market, and I am sure it was the time you moved in ” most places are some are not”.
As things go wrong ” the window” the garbidge in the kitchen because of the last two parties you had, you are starting to relax and forgetting the thing that needs to get done. Dirty socks make the place smell like an offel pit, sure you get some air coming in from the broken window, but that does not clean the air remember the garbidge from the kitchen that is sending a wave of dead animal smell true the whole house “Castle” of yours.
To sort this small problem out make a plan what to do and follow it. Get to know your landlord do a few repair job you know you can do, that way he knows you are looking after the place and can trust you, you will not see him for some time what I am sure is better for you in the long run.