Are you a good driver.

When are you too old to hold a driver’s License.
Are people too old when they reach a certain age to forfeit they License because of age or they eye sight?
They are many drivers out there that should not have a License at all the way they conduct them self in a car, young or old.
They are rules for how fast you can safely drive, but not rules for drivers that think they can use the Road to see how slow it’s possible to go.
Many old cars that are around today was not made for speed, only to get from A to B and if you put a person into that car that thinks it’s okay to hold up the rest of the traffic so they can drive the speed they chose, they are the same people that most likely make other drivers do overtake in wrong places and having an accident cursed by you.
You may not realize you are doing less the speed that is set in place for that Road or Motorway, but looking at the Road Sign sometimes would keep you informed of that, they are no excuse for been ignorant on the Road, we all like to get home safe.
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