Correction Center 2.

After that first experience what was called breakfast the group are sorted out into working parties that have to join the rest of workers in different places to be rehabilitated, or more like it working for peanuts to make pocket money. One group go to the kitchen where jobs are sorted out and because you are the last in you get the worst job from that day and forth to you move up in the ranks of ass kissing inmate,” you look after my back and I am looking after yours”. Other groups are places where they are needed, the Laundry that is a busy place takes many more and here again you need to work your way up the latter of inmate that like to lean on you just to show you whom the is boss, that is the system in here and try to change it “I say good luck with that”
People in here are entrepreneurs in any way you can think off, contraband is a commodity and highly profitable for those who have and costly for those who haven’t. I owe you is common used and can all so be used as a thread or payment for a favor you got early on.
Days are very long in here people get restless and the feeling of not been able to see family or friends is starting to take its toll, you start to explore who could be a friend and forget where you are for a minute, but get a rude awakening by somebody that gets a beaten for not paying back on time because that’s the system in here.
In a place like this you always get people that are a bit weird and spaced out like they are on steroids talking to them selfs all day long and yes here are people that think they are good and don’t understand why there are here and let everybody know why, of course, we all got different idea about what you can and can not do in reality, but that is not in their vocabulary either.teen dollar

Need or greed

I am sitting on my Harley Davidson in the middle of South Dacota looking at a herd of bisons and some calfs jumping around between eating grass it’s an amazing site and also s very sad too because you know what toke place here for many years ago, many of those majestic animals got slaughter for their fur or meat to feed the soldiers or was it just greed that toke over those fur traders.
And that brings me to the subject of greed and power. We all got a devil inside us that some times com’s out to show what we are capable of to get what we want and not a need what is two different things.
Want’s is a greed and been selfish to the core and that will not do you any good any time soon because you have to do something that could bring you out of control and your comfort zone for a long time.
Need on the other hand can bee important to your health and wellbeing very often we confuse our self with want’s instead off need’s. am sure the fur traders back then did kill the bison’s for greed.
That was my rant for today.
Later on I drove further into the wasteland to bee welcomed by Prarie dogs that did their morning cleaning in the borrow’s, and yes I did see the sign that did say do not feed them what I can understand is very important to keep them self-existent in there own happiest6829386118_d74392ac6a_m of getting food them self, but saying that it was very difficult not to do, because of the funny and cute way they live.