#SSD or not.

Is it the money well spend.
Having and old computer is not fun to deal with when I’m saying old we are talking about a few years from when you got the computer.
There are many things to consider first before you go out and spend all your hard earned money on something that may not be going to help you out a great deal. They are slow computers and there are the real slow ones and I’m sure you know what you got and that’s why you are upgrading.
SSD, solid state hard drive is what they are called, they don’t move like the old hard drive and could last longer too. There are a few different Models out there to look at before you decide what could bee the best deal for you.
You may have a big hard drive on your computer what is nearly full of info and pictures and that is normal, therefore you either need a big SSD drive or you could use an external hard drive for your pictures that take up a lot of room on a hard drive, or maybe you got two hard drives on your computer.
You also have to take into considerations regarding your BIOS, bios are the part that talks to all the parties on your hard drive, if that is out of date you need to install a new one to cope with a new system maybe.