Where is the Justice.

Plea bargaining creates a gap between practice and theory in the criminal justice system. With a guilty plea the process shifts the focus from the jury and judge to the prosecutor and defense counsel. It expected by the public for the truth to be discovered through the fact finding5737939113_2d5bb2f02b_m. In practice plea bargaining may prevent a public finding of the facts and substitute a behind the scenes cut short plea bargaining process that fashions an offence that may or may not be supported by the evidence and this also determines the variety of penalties available to the court and limits the discussion of the evidence
The general public gets angry because criminals who are a danger to society are getting away with crime due the fact that they have struck a plea bargain deal with the prosecutor which is unfair especially with serious crimes such as murder where the prosecution would for example agree to a plea of guilty to accidental killing when in fact the accused will have committed murder. The prosecutor would offer such a deal rather run the risk of a jury acquitting the accused altogether
Generally plea bargaining involves processes of informal negotiation between the prosecutor and the defense lawyer with the main aim of reaching a settlement out of court. Research shows that plea bargaining has become a widely spread It is noted that if plea bargain where to be introduced to all crimes it would ease the work load and save costs .